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Thinking of Changing

This blog meant to be my lifestyle blog -it's still a lifestyle blog- but it's not going towards the direction that I meant to. I wanted to be a blogger that would offer advice through my personal experiences, but I ended up just posting tips, lists, and non-personal advice. I've been thinking for a while about it and I want to prepare you guys -if there is still anyone reading my blog- that I'll change things a little bit

My schedule is extremely too busy to create the long, complex, detailed, posts that I wrote during the first months. I had so much time then but now I feel so overwhelmed! I want this blog to be my passion, and I want it to be first about you and then about me! But I also want you to be able to see me through my posts. I may not have the most exciting life among you, but I still have some quite thrilling stories to share. 

So how did I come up with the change? Well, like I said I feel overwhelmed lately, and I don't want my hobby to feel like an …

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